About me

Everyone is a creator. Everyone has a unique, vivid universe inside their head.
Everyone can give some magic to the world. Everyone has a story to tell.
My vocation is to open passages between our world and theses amazing universes.

I’m a Swiss illustrator and concept artist.
I’m a bookworm and an avid roleplaying gamer.
I love rats and the color green. I’m left-handed and enthusiastic.
But first of all, I’m a maker. I make dragons real.

Since I’m a child, I’ve only wanted to do one thing: make dragons real.
First, I thought of becoming a geneticist or a roboticist to create them, because science is fun.
I love math. I love physics. I love chemistry and biology, but most of all I love solving problems!
But as I grew older, science became less fun, more complicated, and the margins of my notebooks kept filling up with doodles, scribbles and more and more art.
I’ve always been drawing, first just leisurely, and after that, as my work.

I’ve had the luck to meet the right person, at the right time. I’ve had the right teachers. The one, when I was nine, who understood that I needed technique, not just creativity, and gave me boring, hard observation drawings to do while other kids drew their imaginary friends.

The one, when I was thirteen and begun my long journey as an artist, who threw me out of my comfort zone. Forced me to do abstract paintings on big canvas when I was all about small color pencil sketches.

The one who, long before I plan to become an artist, seeing my childish drawings look me right in the eyes and tell me « You are not a scientist, you are an illustrator. ». This day, he has planted a seed in me and ten years later, in 2010, I was by the law of fate in his class beginning my Illustration and Comic Bachelor.

The one, six years later, who have declined in favor of another project, a place of concept artist on my absolute favorite franchise ever -Stargate- and seeing my fanart, told me I was better than that. That I could do more. He challenges me. « Postulate for one of our master, convince my colleague – a pedantic but extraordinary Parisian film and stage director – and I will teach you Concept art.»
That was two weeks before the beginning of the school year. I took up the challenge.
I finished my Master’s degree with honors in 2018.

Throughout these years, I’ve never stopped creating. I’ve never stopped making dragons real.
That’s what I do. I’m not an artist. I’m not an illustrator or a concept artist. I’m a maker. I’m a dream maker.
I take dreams, ideas, visions, mine or yours, and I make them real, tangible.
With my hands, with my pencils and brushes, but mainly with my heart, I make dragons real.
I open windows and doors on imaginary worlds, on unseen universes and their extraordinary inhabitants. I show their cultures, their traditions, and more importantly, their stories.

My stories.
Your stories.
What stories do you want to tell?
Who are your dragons?
Which doors do you want to open?