Diane Georges’ Hanafuda

This hanafuda was born in 2015 when, after long months of research, I was unable to find a hanafuda game elsewhere than online. So I made mine, appropriating it with my colors and my vision.
Each season is a complete illustration, in acrylic on paper, scanned and divided into four separate cards in 4.9 x 7.7 cm format, printed on Robuskin (PET) paper, which makes them virtually tearproof and very resistant.

The space hanafuda

The space hanafuda was created in 2019, after four years of maturation and reflection on my first hanafuda and an increasingly powerful desire to appropriate this game more. The idea of moving away from the classic style and getting a little closer to my world had made its way, and the space hanafuda was born. The colors are inspired by the traditional color combinations of kimonos, and the patterns are those of the original games.

Like the other hanafuda, each month is an illustration, this time in watercolor, scanned and divided into four cards of the same format as the previous one (4.9 x 7.7 cm), also printed on Robuskin.


Here you will find in free PDF, the rules for two of the many possible games with hanafuda: Hana-awase and Koï-koï, as well as a card-by-card presentation of the two decks available.