Space Hanafuda postcard


  • Cherry blossom-Light green & peach
  • Bush clover-Brown & orange
  • Susuki grass-Blue & orange
  • Willow- Dark green & red
  • Paulownia- Blue & purple


Because the Space hanafuda is too beautiful to stay hidden in his pouch and too fun to be pinned on a wall, here you can found five colorful postcards directly created from the original watercolors illustrations of the seasons of March (Cherry blossoms – Sakura), July (Bush clover – Hagi), August (Susuki grass), November (Willow – Yanagi) and December (Paulownia – Kiri).

Each card measures 15 X 10 cm, and is printed on a sturdy 250 g/m2 paper with a beautiful satin finish.

This is not a set. Each card sold individually.

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Weight 10 g


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